Hydraulic Piping Contractors and Systems Experts

For nearly three decades, EMMCO has earned a regional and national reputation as a premium hydraulic piping systems solutions provider. Our experienced team provides hydraulic power systems, piping installation, cylinder refurbishment, and precision machining to the industrial Midwest and across North America.

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Our Systems & Services

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EMMCO designs, crafts, installs, and repairs industrial hydraulic piping systems for steel, rubber, and other heavy industrial applications. Our certified welders and hydraulic technicians provide turnkey, on-site assemblies to consistently deliver high-quality, complex piping systems within your established timelines. On time. Every time.


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Crafted by a team with decades of experience, our hydraulic power systems are built with three key characteristics in mind: high value/low cost, simple maintenance, and ease of use. That means our custom HPUs are built to last longer and operate more efficiently. Period.


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EMMCO also specializes in custom hydraulic cylinder repair and part manufacturing. Our team of experts offer services from cylinder resealing to complete replacement.


Ohio’s Only Authorized Tube-Mac® Installer

Tube-Mac®—one of the most reliable non-welded piping systems available—offers reliable, leak-free, non-welded joints and cleaner piping assemblies. That means less maintenance and downtime for you.

Some of Our Clients

  • steel and mining company
  • Hydraulic Power units for steel industry
  • tire rubber plastic industry
  • Alcoa aluminum industry
  • Ford Automotive Industry
  • Bearings and Mechanical Power transmissions

Let’s get started

Find out how your company can simplify and save with EMMCO today. Please email us at Hydraulics@emmcoinc.net or call 216-429-2020.